Audi Garage in Hightown

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Audi Garage in HightownYou call Project Audi when you need an Audi garage in Hightown because that’s your place. We are the people who take care of your car. Most of us order our lives by choosing professionals and service providers we know are our best choice. Food shops, chemists, doctors, hair stylists, lawyers, babysitters, contractors and many more are people and services we depend on to improve the quality of our life. They are our go-to people. At Project Audi, we are proud to be the go-to garage for our loyal Audi owners. They wanted an Audi specialist without the high dealer prices. That’s what we offer; full service equal to or sometimes superior to Audi dealers but up to 40% less than dealer cost. Plus, we’re a local and friendly place to make yourself comfortable while we service your car.

Maybe you’ve heard it said or said it yourself; “no matter what repair you take your car in for, they always find something else wrong.” In Hightown, Audi garage, Project Audi, we don’t think that’s a bad thing. If we replace the front brakes don’t you want us to check the back so you don’t have to schedule a separate repair three weeks later? If we replace your oxygen sensors, shouldn’t we make sure the catalytic converter is still okay? We’re not going to make the repairs without your knowledge and consent. You are free to decline additional work. The price we quote for your original service or repair is the price you pay. Additional work is a whole new quote in writing and agreed to by you.

Our loyal customers of our Audi garage in Hightown expect full service and that’s what we provide. Besides your annual servicing and repairs carried out according to manufacturer recommendations using authentic Audi parts, we can also conduct your MOT. Our diagnostic equipment is always kept updated as well as our training. Like any computer, your Audi software needs updating occasionally. We have the technology to perform those updates. Contact Project Audi when selecting a go-to Audi garage. We honour your warranty just as your dealer would and guarantee our work. We are Audi specialists so naturally we include VW’s in our area of expertise.

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