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Audi Garage in KnowsleyYou choose an Audi garage in Knowsley to service and maintain your Audi. You do that because you want Audi experienced mechanics. Maybe that’s why you’ve always chosen your dealer mechanics. What if you could get the same level of experience with an independent mechanic and maybe a little more satisfaction to boot? Then, who would you choose? According to a 2014 survey, automobile owners ranked independent mechanics higher for price, quality, on-time repairs, courteousness and overall customer satisfaction.  They feel that main dealers are impersonal, too big and extremely expensive. So, they are choosing independents for reasons other than just costs. At Project Audi, we already knew that. However, our customers expect and receive the same level of expertise from our techs as that offered by the dealer.

Cost is a factor and in Knowsley, an Audi garage such as ours provides the expertise and experience at half the cost of dealer hourly rates. No corners are cut at Project Audi. Our diagnostic equipment is up to date. That includes the Audi recommended VAS5052 for troubleshooting. This equipment gives us direct access to the technical library of the German manufacturer. The wiring diagrams are a real timesaver for diagnosing electrical fault diagnosis.  We can quickly access key codes for our customer’s convenience. Our techs are right at home with diagnostic computers which serve to back up our own experience. Technology allows us to work faster without sacrificing thoroughness.

We know the most frequently needed parts of an Audi garage in Knowsley so we maintain a good stock of those at all times. That means we might be able to fix your car today. Even if we have to order an Audi part, we can usually get it the same day. You know how some garages seem surprised by a needed repair and make it seem unusual? It’s not unusual; they’re just not organised enough to keep parts on hand. Now they have your car apart and have to wait for the part they need. That is not the kind of customer service our customers expect. We don’t surprise easily. Contact Project Audi and schedule your car for maintenance or service in warranty or out. Don’t forget your annual MOT. We can do that for you too.

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