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 Audi Garage in PrescottIs your Audi garage in Prescott costing you a small fortune? Do you feel you are getting value for your money when you take your Audi in for a service?  Are you just another job card or do you get personal attention?  Is the cost of maintenance of your Audi starting to take a toll on your wallet? At Project Audi you can count on excellent customer service.  You can be confident that the latest diagnostic equipment is being used on your vehicle.  And you could be paying as little as half the cost of service and repairs from a main dealership.

In Prescott  Audi garage for a great service, Project Audi should be the first place you call.  If your car is still under warranty you can be secure in the knowledge that genuine Audi parts, purchased from the manufacturer, will be used on your car.  Project Audi keeps an inventory of all the usual parts needed for services and repairs.  And if they do not have the part needed for your car, they will be able to get it in the shortest of time.  Rest assured that your warranty would remain valid when you use Project Audi and you are not making any compromises.  If your car is no longer under warranty you can have the choice of using a genuine Audi part or of using a top quality alternative part.  Using an alternative part can save you a significant amount of money, without sacrificing any quality.

Have you ever had the experience when you take your car to an Audi garage in Prescott that you end up paying much more than you expected?  At Project Audi you will not be surprised by hidden costs.  The amount you are quoted is the amount you will pay.  If additional parts or repairs are needed, you will be consulted before hand.  With Project Audi maintaining your Audi is as pleasant an experience as driving it.  For value for money and excellent service from a reputable Audi Garage, make sure you contact Project Audi.

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