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Audi Garage in LitherlandProject Audi is your Audi garage in Litherland for comprehensive services with a specialist’s perspective. High-performance cars like Audi deserve to be maintained to maximum performance. It’s a sign of the times but one way we achieve peak performance is by updating your car’s software. We have to do that with all computers and your Audi is no exception. We use a VAG-COM computer that connects a computer to your car to update your software. That same computer is part of our specialised diagnostic equipment that helps us pinpoint trouble in your car.  It runs all manner of diagnostic tests as does our Bosch diagnostic computer. Project Audi is an authorised MOT location so if any irregularities in your testing is off we can quickly remedy the problem.

If you are looking for a state of the art garage that can carry out your annual servicing, Project Audi is your garage. If you need repairs or replacement in Litherland, Audi garage specialists Project Audi stock the most common authentic Audi parts. Any part not stocked we can usually get it within one day. A good reason to call on us for service and repairs is our prices compared to your dealer costs. On average, per hour, we charge less than half what dealer service garages charge. Yet, you get the same or greater experience and expertise, as well as the same manufacturer recommended service and parts. We tell you up front what the cost will be and that is the price you will pay. We don’t surprise you with add-on charges at the last minute.

Audi Garage in Litherland has built a remarkable reputation amongst car owners over the years. We are proud that our customers trust us enough to send their friends and family to us. We like what we do and the community we serve so you can always expect great customer service when doing business with us. Contact Project Audi when you are looking for an Audi garage. Come by our garage and take a look at our set up and even our technicians. Project Audi boasts full RAC approved facilities and repairs. We will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding the servicing of your Audi.

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