Audi Garage in Ormskirk

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Audi Garage in OrmskirkIf you drive an Audi, you want an Audi garage in Ormskirk you can trust with the service, maintenance and repair.We set the high standards and specialised services you’re looking for in an independent garage. Perhaps you think only a dealer can provide the excellence you expect but you would be wrong. Our service meets or exceeds that of your dealer in every area except one; price! Our technicians are Audi trained and certified, we service new and used vehicles honouring your warranty, our diagnostic equipment is state-of-art and we use genuine Audi parts. The difference in cost is up to 40% less when you bring your Audi to us at Project Audi. We are long established in the area and we’re proud of our reputation for excellent customer service. So, why pay more to a dealer just because he has multiple light-up logo signs?

Your Audi has more than one computer operating its many electronic functions. For instance, in Ormskirk, our Audi garage is equipped with specialised Audi diagnostic equipment that connects us to the manufacturer in Germany. That means we have access to the same resources they do including the opportunity to directly download updates for your cars software, wiring schematics and anything else that could present a problem like key codes for lost keys. What makes the various diagnostic equipment we use special is it won’t work on a Chevy. It’s not a one size fits all system; just Audi and VW products. For that reason the troubleshooting process is exacting and specific.

You don’t have to take our word to know our Audi Garage in Ormskirk will give you efficient personalised Audi service for up to 40% less than your dealer. Contact us and schedule your MOT, regular maintenance or repair service. We guarantee customer satisfaction so you’ve nothing to lose. You might even be surprised that the price you pay when you collect your car is exactly the same as the one we quoted you before we undertook the work. There are no mystery add on’s or surprises. If we come across a surprise during service we’ll call you with an explanation and get your go ahead before performing the additional work. We are open seven days a week to accommodate our customer’s schedule.

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