Audi Maintenance in Kirkby

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Audi’s are excellent German cars and Audi maintenance in KirkbyAudi maintenance in Kirkby  ensures that they remain that way. The premium brand offers a generous range of choices as well, and you can take your pick from the dashing A1 supermini to the R8 sports car. As an independent garage, Project Audi is able to service your Audi, VW, Skoda or SEAT with genuine parts, making use of main dealer service schedules. You can have your car serviced with genuine- or alternative parts, but by using alternative parts, you enjoy generous savings.

In Kirkby, Audi maintenance is about being 100% up to date with costs. The skilled team never go ahead with any repair- or maintenance work without informing you of what lies ahead. What they quote is what you pay – nothing is hidden and they are always ready to discuss any details of your car with you. They make use of the latest Bosch and VAGCON diagnostics equipment to assist with trouble shooting your car’s problem. The fact that the VAS system is connected to VW Audi in Germany means Project Audi has access to an enormous technical resource library. Audi Project works at maintaining their excellent reputation of good products, good services, good prices and good customer satisfaction. They don’t only welcome German cars to their garage, but have repeat customers from all the other brands as well.

Audi maintenance in Kirkby is excellent for anyone looking for alternatives to costly, impersonal main dealers. Not only does Project Audi offer great value for money, they can handle any job that the main dealers take on, and their workmanship doesn’t affect your manufacturer’s warranty either. They can simply do all your annual servicing and repairs, guaranteeing your warranty and service history is thoroughly maintained. With so much excellence at Audi Project, why not take them up on their excellent Audi maintenance services? Contact Project Audi for more information about Audi maintenance.

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