Audi Maintenance in Prescot, Keep Your Vehicle in Excellent Condition

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Audi Maintenance in PrescotFor Audi maintenance in Prescot, Project Audi is where you’ll find Audi specialists that know your car. Our whole service is geared toward the Audi group of vehicles. We use authentic Audi parts, manufacturer recommended service guidelines, the official Audi diagnostic equipment to help us troubleshoot. The VAS 5052 diagnostics that we use are connected to the manufacturers system so we can access information for every part of your car, right down to the key codes. Those often get misplaced between seller and buyer of used Audis. We’re not an Audi dealer but our equipment may be more sophisticated than the dealer. We also utilise a specialised VAG-COM computer that allows us to update the software in your engine control unit (ECU).

Our technicians are fully trained and certified on Audi vehicles, some of them originally employed by a dealer. In Prescot, Audi maintenance at Project Audi comes with a side of friendly customer service. We strive to be as accommodating of your time as possible. We also have a thought for your money. As an independent garage we don’t have the huge overhead costs to tag onto your labour bills like the dealer does. For that reason, we can save you up to 50% on labour costs.  Don’t worry though, our mechanics are still well paid or we wouldn’t be able to attract the talent we have. We can’t save much on manufacturer parts, unfortunately. But  our operating costs are so much lower than the dealer and those savings are passed on to our customers.

Audi maintenance in Prescot is a necessary expense if you want your car to last to the 100,000 or beyond mileage point. Bring your car to us at Project Audi for maintenance and repairs according to manufacturer recommendations and Audi standards. If your car is still under warranty, we can stamp your book. You will have a price quote before we begin work and when we’re finished, the final cost will be the same as the quote. If we find anything new wrong while we’re working on your car, we will check with you first before proceeding with repairs. We’ve built our reputation on expertise, honesty and customer service. We think it takes all three to get your money’s worth.

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