Audi Maintenance in Seaforth to Keep Your Car in Tiptop Condition

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Audi maintenance in Seaforth Audi maintenance in Seaforth is necessary if you want to ensure your Audi remains in tiptop condition.  Drivers choose this brand because of the car’s reputation for reliability and innovative design, and that it is a safe and reliable car on the roads. We make use of Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostic computers to help us get to the root cause of your car’s faults. Whether you own an Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT or Skoda, at Project Audi, we can repair and service your car and offer you quality spare parts that are cheaper than what you get at the main dealer.

For motorists in Seaforth, Audi maintenance is always of a high calibre and when we quote you for your Audi service, that is what you pay. We do not ever spring surprises on you. As a RAC car service centre, you can trust us to be an approved and accredited repairer. Should your car require additional repair work, we let you know before commencing work. We can service your car with genuine parts but if your car is out of warranty, you can opt for genuine or very affordable alternative parts. Our prices are competitive. You can rest assured that while you are receiving the same high level of service as you would from the main dealer, you will you will not receive the high invoice typically of the main dealer.

Our services for Audi maintenance in Seaforth is all about doing everything the main dealer does without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty. It is also about affordability and our hourly rates are sometimes less than half of what you are charged at the main dealer for servicing. At Project Audi, we have built excellent relationships with the motor trade and this enables us to offer our customers the full range of vehicle service options. Our latest equipment allows us to do diagnostic tests and update your car’s software. When you are looking for professional and affordable Audi maintenance, contact us. As Audi specialists we can also do your annual MOT and all your servicing while maintaining your warranty and service history.

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