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Audi Parts in St HelensAudi parts in St Helens have to be top quality and the reason for this is that each part plays a very important role in keeping your car moving.These parts are produced under strict supervision specifically for repairs and maintenance and to blend in perfectly to your particular Audi model. Based in Merseyside, at Project Audi, our skilled technicians are dealership certified which means they can repair your car to dealership standards, if not better, and with a much lower price tag. These days Audi car owners are also looking at ways to save and are wanting a more affordable alternative to these impersonal and costly main dealers.

We’re specialists in Audi repair here at Project Audi, and we’re also specialists in the full Audi/VW range. In fact, we’ve been offering servicing and maintenance of Audi and VW cars for so long, it can’t help but be an excellent job. Our customers appreciate that with our diagnostic equipment, we can find problems quickly and get to work at repairing them quickly too. We offer full RAC approved facilities and repairs, and in St Helens, Audi parts are genuine. You won’t find any hidden charges with us and we’re open 7 days a week. We don’t only sell these high quality car parts for Audi, our technicians are knowledgeable with all the different Audi models and can advise you on all the different components of the cars.

Audi parts in St Helens are always available as even the best German cars will need repairs at some time. If your Audi needs parts, contact Project Audi today to find out how we can help you. The Audi model range is made up of crossovers, convertibles, sedans, hatchbacks, and roadsters but at Project Audi, we’re equipped for all of them, and our reasonable prices explain why we’ve got so many happy customers.

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