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Audi parts in KnowsleyAs some Audi owners want genuine Audi parts in Knowsley, they take their cars back to the dealer for service and repair. They want only certified Audi mechanics using the latest Audi diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair their car. These Audi owners do not want to be kept waiting and they think their Audi dealer will have parts on in stock. When their car is being repaired or serviced, they want it done to manufacturer specifications. If the car is under warranty, some Audi owners still believe any service or work performed outside the dealer will void their warranty. All of this is expensive so sometimes needed maintenance and repair is neglected because the cost is not in the budget. At Project Audi, we have a better plan.

Project Audi offers you everything your dealer garage does and then some with one big difference. For Audi owners in Knowsley, Audi parts and labour will cost you up to 60% less than your dealer. We have the Audi certified mechanics; genuine Audi parts, and all work is performed according to manufacturer specifications therefore we can stamp your service book without voiding your warranty. Plus, we are open seven days a week. Why would you pay up to 60% more for the exact same service? We can undertake the service and repair of your Audi at lower cost because our garage is independent.

Diagnostics is an important tool as well as the genuine Audi parts in Knowsley. We utilise the VAS system which connects us to Audi in Germany. That is important because it gives us access to their technical library for anything we need to diagnose or repair your car. The wiring diagrams are accessible and even key codes. Call Project Audi if your need Audi parts. Your Audi is not just a car; it is also a computer and our shop has the VAG-COM computer. With that we can not only run diagnostic tests but also update your car computer’s software if needed. You can trust your Audi to Project Audi. Ask around and you will find we have a stellar reputation.

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