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Audi Parts in LitherlandGet genuine Audi parts in Litherland at the specialists! At Project Audi, we believe that our customers have a right to know exactly how much your car service and repairs are going to cost, without any hidden surprises on your bill. We don’t conduct any repairs or replacements without a clear go-ahead from you. This means we hold the price promise – what we quote is what you pay. If there are unexpected extras, we discuss these with you before undertaking the work. As an independent garage, we offer top-quality, cost-effective spares and services as the main dealer. We can also use the main dealer service schedules. If the vehicle has crossed the warranty limits, we can provide the option of servicing with genuine or premium-quality alternative spare parts. Using alternatives can save you big money compared to paying main dealer prices.

We keep a comprehensive range of Audi spares in our inventory. In Litherland, Audi parts stocked by us are adequate for most general repairs and replacements. In case parts not on our shelves are needed, we can source them at very short notice for your convenience, usually within one day. Vehicle owners are often taken aback to learn the price of spares at the main dealer’s. Prices of spares can be hiked by many many percentage points at the retail counter of main dealers. Some parts are unique to certain engine and transmission combinations – we can ensure that you get the exact replacement. These parts may be simple ones like alternators or starters, or complex ones like software, modules,  and sensors. Our trained team can ensure that the part is correctly sourced and installed.

Aftermarket Audi parts in Litherland are a good idea, because a reliable and reputed garage can ensure that you get only the best. Contact us for more information on our products and services. Many customers don’t have much information about independent garages like ours and they may be wary to entrust their luxury vehicles to us. However, our reputation for integrity, excellent workmanship and realistic pricing has stood the test of time in the local community.

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