Genuine Audi Parts in Sefton at Affordable Prices for Your Vehicle

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Audi parts in SeftonProject Audi uses only genuine Audi parts in Sefton when making repairs to your car.  We charge up to 40% less than your Audi dealer for repairs so some think we cut corners by using inferior parts. Actually, just the opposite is true. We use only genuine Audi parts and genuine Audi certified technicians to install those parts. We offer a full service for your car set to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Audi dealers. However, our services are more friendly and personalised. And again, we can save you money because, as an independent, we are able to charge less. Our equipment, tools and training are all up to date and cutting edge quality. All parts and labour are guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus.

At Project Audi, being independent comes with extra benefits for our customers. Our garage is a RAC approved facility including, in Sefton, Audi parts. It doesn’t matter how new or old your Audi, our experts are more than up to the task. We will also honour your warranty work and make sure your digital service history is updated. Our pricing plan is a little different from not just your dealer but other independent garages as well. It’s really simple. We prepare a quote that includes all services to be undertaken; parts and labour. When you pick up your car, that quote is the actual price you will pay. We don’t save multiple fees to surprise you with at pick up. Other garages do that because it helps them come in with a lower quote.

Don’t be fooled about Audi parts in Sefton by other garage services. Project Audi enjoys our reputation for honest pricing. Now, we all know it can happen that while making a repair our mechanics might encounter another part or repair that needs attention. We don’t just go ahead and fix it and then surprise you with the additional cost. We call you and carefully explain what we have found, our opinion about how to proceed and what the additional costs will be. The final decision is yours. Contact Project Audi for the finest attention and detailed service available. The price is always the lowest possible and our billing is completely transparent.

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