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Audi Parts in SeftonWhen you need Audi parts in Sefton, Project Audi will likely have what you need in stock. We carry all the most requested parts. However, any part we do not have, we can usually get the same day or next day at the latest. Our garage specialises in the service, maintenance and repair of Audi. We use only genuine Audi parts and our technicians are all Audi qualified. Project Audi is an independent service centre. Therefore, we can give you parts, service and repairs for up to 40% less than your dealer will charge. We do not cut any corners to save you money. We just charge less for the same service. We are also a Royal Auto Club (RAC) service centre. Your membership discount saves you even more.

In Sefton, Audi parts that we stock and use for our own maintenance and repair customers are available to retail customers as well. If you are having a problem with your Audi, bring it in and we will troubleshoot and resolve the issue. You know, your personal electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones, frequently update themselves. That keeps the software up to date and working at peak performance. Your Audi has a computer and the software needs occasional updating as well. Project Audi uses a VAG-COM computer for Audi diagnostics. This allows us to connect the computer in your car in order to run diagnostic tests and update the software.

Project Audi has the Audi parts in Sefton to keep your car serviced as well as making repairs. Included in our sophisticated diagnostic equipment is a VAS system. We can connect to Audi in Germany using this system. It gives us access to their technical library that includes wiring diagrams, key codes and everything else about your Audi. We have the experience, tools, parts and skilled technicians to diagnose and repair your Audi. Schedule regular maintenance and MOTappointments with us to keep your Audi running at top performance. Project Audi will save you money over dealer prices and still maintain your warranty and service history. If you are looking for Audi parts, contact Project Audi.

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