Audi Repair in Widnes

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Audi Repair in WidnesAudi repair in Widnes is undertaken by most garages. In no way does that make them an expert on Audi cars or any of the vehicles that come under the Audi/VW umbrella of fine automobiles. At Project Audi, we specialise in the service, maintenance and repair of Audi. As specialists, we have invested time and money in the knowledge, mechanics and equipment that are specific to Audi. For many years we have provided specialised service for proud Audi owners whose loyalty is gratifying to us. From us, you will receive expertise and customer service that is second to none. That’s our promise. Now, you might come close to matching our service at your dealer, but you will pay them up to 40% more for the privilege than we charge.

Some may associate specialisation with only select garage services such as just electrical or just transmissions. Not so with, in Widnes, Audi repair. We are a full service garage which includes every part and function of your car. We just tailor our full service to Audi. To add to the convenience, you can get you MOT here too. If your Audi is still under warranty, bring it to us. All service is done the only way it should be and that’s according to manufacturer standards which are designed specifically for your Audi. That’s why we specialise and why we use only genuine Audi parts. Our technicians can troubleshoot and repair any vehicle on the road. They choose to specialise and focus their attention on the unique capabilities of Audi. They miss nothing.

We’re proud of our RAC approved facility for Audi repair in Widnes and our state of the art diagnostic equipment. We are able to pinpoint any malfunctions quickly and accurately. Don’t expect those hidden charges on the end of your repair bill. We’re going to quote you a price for repair or service after evaluating your car and that is the total price you will see on your statement. If, during the repair process, we find other issues that should be addressed that will add to our parts and labour costs, we will not proceed without your permission. We endeavour to make the billing process as detailed and understandable as possible. Contact Project Audi and let our specialists keep your car at peak performance. Nobody knows your Audi better except the manufacturer.

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