Audi Repair in Litherland

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Audi Repair in Litherland An Audi is a prestigious car and Audi repair in Litherland is relied on to maintain the car’s reputation. The luxury car is known for its excellent performance and power, and to keep it that way you want to rely on a garage whose success has been built on quality services and superb product knowledge. Some of our customers used to believe that they had to have their Audi serviced at an Audi dealership in order not to void the car’s warranty. This isn’t necessary at all, and at Project Audi we see many cars in their warranty period. We have been serving Audi owners since 1975 but are also independent Skoda, Volkswagen and SEAT specialists. We service your vehicle with genuine parts if your car in still in its warranty, but if your vehicle is out of warranty, quality alternative parts can cost a whole lot less.

If you want to repair your Audi, in Litherland, Audi repairs are 100% thorough because we make use of Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostics computers to tackle the most complicated faults. We have a fault finding and diagnosis service that is dedicated to solving your car’s problems. Our VAS system is connected to VW Audi in Germany and this allows us to have access to their resource library.

Audi repair in Litherland is about ensuring that your Audi avoids serious breakdowns. For more information about affordable, quality Audi repair, contact Project Audi. For any parts required, we’re able to get them quickly – most times on the same day. Our skilled Audi specialists are more than capable of doing every bit that the main dealers do and more. We can do your annual servicing as well as your MOTs. Ensure your Audi is running smoothly with first class Audi repair from Project Audi.

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