Audi Repair in Maghull

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Audi Repair in MaghullFor meticulous and thorough Audi repair in Maghull, take your car to a garage that specialises in Audi vehicles. As Audi specialists, we have built an enviable reputation for our commitment to outstanding customer and vehicle care. If your Audi has developed a problem and you suspect it needs to repaired, visit our garage and let our expert technicians take a look at your vehicle. Using state of the art Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostics computers, we can source the root of the problem and perform both diagnostic tests and, if it is necessary, to update the software that runs your car.

For vehicle owners in Maghull, Audi repair is affordable when you use our services. Unlike main dealers and other franchised garages, we do not overcharge our customers. We believe in providing quality services, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. At Project Audi, we do not just repair vehicles, but we are also able to carry out MOTs and car servicing. If your vehicle is due for an MOT test or a service, contact us to schedule an appointment. While we are Audi specialists, we can also repair, service or MOT other makes of vehicles such as Volkswagen, or Seat, and at affordable prices. Our prices are up to  40% cheaper than at the main dealers’, and we are proud of our value for money services. We adhere to our price promise where you will pay exactly what you are quoted, with no extra charges. Should your Audi’s repair require replacement parts, we only use genuine Audi parts. Our garage is also RAC-approved.

For Audi repair in Maghull that is expertly done, and is affordable, speak to the Audi specialists. For more information on how we can help you with your Audi’s repair, contact Project Audi. As an independent garage, we are proud to say that we can do anything that a main dealer can, and that our workmanship will not affect your Audi’s warranty. Ensure your Audi is professionally repaired and make use of the services offered by Project Audi.

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