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Great service, literally 😁

- Mark Winsor


Took my rs5 for a service, great price and great customer service. Will definitely use these again.

- Tom


Had my A6 serviced and new brake pads fitted all round ,half the price of main dealer,I would highly recommend this company, I will be using them again definitely 👌👍

- Tony


Amazing experience with my q7. Fixed a complex problem other AUDI garages couldn’t. Highly recommend

- Steve Bosworth


My VW Passat had a Throttle Body and Engine Management fault that was very difficult to diagnose. Project Audi advised me of the possible causes and costs to rectify. Ultimately they identified the cause of the problem and rectified it within a few hours without the need for expensive parts. I had the car returned to me the same day. Great value for money and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

- William


Highly recommend this garage, customer service, information, guidance and price are all excellent backed up with a team of skilled professionals. I took in my 2006 Audi TT for an MOT and the remedial work, great price and workmanship.

- Christopher Warren

Professional, Affordable Audi Service in Aughton by the Experts

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Audi Service in Aughton An Audi service in Aughton should never be neglected. The purpose of a car’s scheduled service is twofold. It ensures that it remains in excellent condition, and it also saves on costs. During your Audi’s service, any potential problems can be identified and repaired. This means that you will save on future, more expensive repair bills. Some may feel that, since their vehicle appears to be running smoothly, there is no need to take their car in for a service. Having your car serviced also ensures your safety, ensuring that your car is, in fact, safe to be on the road. Another important benefit of having your car regularly serviced is that it will help maintain its value.

It is best to use the services of a professional garage for the care and maintenance of your vehicle. In Aughton, an Audi service should be completed by technicians who are trained and experienced in working with this type of vehicle. We are proud to state that we are specialists in repairing, servicing and maintenance of Audi cars. Our expert technicians can do anything that the main dealer does, from servicing, repairs and cam belt changes. We will also ensure that your warranty and service history is maintained. If during the service, it is necessary for replacement parts, we stock all the important parts required. Should, for any reason, a different replacement part that is not in our stock is needed, we can source other parts at very short notice.

Your Audi service in Aughton will be completed by a team of professionals. We also use the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment, and this, coupled with our expertise and knowledge, can help remedy any problem your Audi may have. If you need a professional garage for your Audi service, contact Project Audi today.  Our prices are extremely competitive, and when you use our garage, you are guaranteed a price promise. This means that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay, with no hidden or unexplained extras. On top of that, our hourly rates are typically less than half that of what you would be charged by the main dealer for servicing.

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