Audi Service in Hightown

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Audi Service in HightownAn exceptional Audi service in Hightown is provided by Project Audi. We can offer you a service as thorough as the dealership, using genuine parts for a substantially lower cost. We are also able to look after your vehicle from new and can validate the warranty. We have the correct equipment to service and repair Audi and VW vehicles and our diagnostic machine can access the technical library of Audi for obscure parts that may be necessary. It will also reset the service schedule in the on board computer in your vehicle and can adjust many of the settings to allow you car to run more economically.

Your German manufactured vehicle is the second most expensive item you will every buy. In Hightown, Audi service by our experienced team will make sure your vehicle is cared for with the greatest dedication. We find that the precision of the parts and the car as a whole suit our precise methods and most of our technicians are trained in German manufactured vehicles. We will offer a quotation for the service and only if we find anything else wrong will we contact you. Other than that you only pay what is on the quotation. If we find a fault we will contact you and discuss the problem and you can decide if you want the work done.

We are expert at minor or major Audi service in Hightown. Contact Project Audi today and book your vehicle in for its next service. We are also specialists in the whole range of VW manufactured vehicles. Our technicians are highly qualified in all makes and model of Audi vehicles. Besides servicing the vehicle we are expert at repairs and maintenance of Audi and Volkswagen cars. As an independent garage, we specialise in Audi, VW, Skoda and SEAT. We are extremely proud of our high levels of customer satisfaction and strive to keep all our customers happy. A large number of regular customers continue to use our services as a result of our commitment to excellence and customer care.

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