Audi Service in Kirkby

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Audi Service in KirkbyA quality Audi service in Kirkby will ensure that your Audi is well maintained. To get the best results, go to an Audi specialist. These cars have special features that Audi owners have loved for years. Having a qualified technician do your car’s servicing will help maintain your warranty and keep your Audi in good shape for years to come. They should use genuine Audi parts if your car is still under warranty. The facility will need to have the appropriate diagnostic equipment to assist them in find any problems to your vehicle.

It is critical to have scheduled maintenance service as suggested by the manufacturer.  In Kirkby, Audi service is provided by Project Audi. We are specialists when it comes to Audi’s. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to help you maintain your Audi, including the VAS 5052. The VAS system is connected to VW Audi’s technical resource library. We also use Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostics which helps us solve even the most difficult problems. We offer our services at extremely competitive prices. You will pay less than half the price you would pay at the main dealer for maintenance and service, and you will get the same high quality workmanship and service. We will do all your annual servicing and repairs.

Audi service in Kirkby, by Project Audi will keep you safely on the road. Contact Project Audi for more information regarding an Audi service and schedule a service call, or just stop in. We take pride in the reputation we have built over the years. We offer the highest quality repairs and maintenance in the region, as well as high quality customer service. We will give you an honest assessment of the repairs you need and you can depend on us to do them quickly and accurately.

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