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Audi servicing in FormbyYou most likely want to know more about Audi servicing in Formby if you need to keep your luxury wheels in mint condition. At Project Audi, we’re proud of calling ourselves Audi specialists for a reason. We believe that our diagnostics and repair services are among the best in the region. Our trouble-shooting and fault-finding equipment is the absolute state-of-the-art, dedicated to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Another plus point is that our technicians are professionally-trained, qualified and experienced enough to deal with any kind of issue, small or big. We also pride ourselves on supplying only genuine Audi parts. If there’s something we don’t have in stock, we’d be delighted to source it for you from the manufacturer, at very short notice.

As an independent garage, one of our USP’s is that we offer premium services at cost-effective rates. In Formby, Audi servicing by is special because unlike main dealers, we are not too big, impersonal or expensive. Often, people shy away from purchasing a luxury vehicle because the maintenance costs can be crippling. However, we provide the same services at rates that are very much more customer-friendly. This includes regular servicing and MOTs too. Our workmanship does not interfere with any manufacturing warranties or service history. So why pay a hefty price for services which you can get locally?

We offer some very nice features to our customers who need Audi servicing in Formby. You can book your service appointment online by filling up a simple form on our website. This allows you to get MOT, repairs or scheduled service appointment bookings done more efficiently. Our price promise guarantees that you only pay what we’ve quoted initially. There are no hidden charges, add-ons or extras. Contact Project Audi for more about Audi servicing. Before undertaking any major work, we ensure that we get a full buy-in from our customers, so there are no surprises when the final bill is presented. This helps to create an overall customer satisfaction experience that keeps our clients loyal and delighted with our services. Call us about our premium services to keep your precious Audi in the pink of health!

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