Audi Servicing in Widnes

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Audi Servicing in WidnesDoes your vehicle require Audi servicing in Widnes?

Are you worried about voiding your vehicle’s warranty if you take it into a garage and not the dealership where you purchased your vehicle? According to changes in legislation, your vehicle’s warranty will remain intact if you take it in to a garage. In fact, many Audi owners are opting for a garage over the main dealership simply because it shaves up to 50% off servicing charges! You get the same quality and service, if not better and a huge amount in savings. Keep in mind that if you’re going with a garage to select one that is an authorised Audi specialist. Where can you find such a garage?

In Widnes, Audi servicing is expertly done by Project Audi. Their diagnosis and fault finding services are dedicated to all  vehicles in the Audi and Volkswagen range. The garage uses the most current diagnostic equipment such as the VAS 5052 which is the official Audi and VW system for troubleshooting car-related problems. This VAS system is linked to Audi VW in Germany, giving the garage access to a massive technical resource library which also includes key codes and wiring diagrams. VAGCOM and Bosch diagnostics computers are used to ensure that the most difficult faults are located. If it is deemed that your Audi require replacement parts, Project Audi is able to source these on short notice, sometimes even on the same day! These days Audi owners are also worried about costs, which is why many are in search of alternatives to main dealers.

If you are searching for a garage that provides quality Audi servicing in Widnes for half the cost, then Project Audi is the garage for you. At Project Audi, the team is committed to offering you great value for money. Their rates are typically less than half of what is charged at a dealership. This will reduce the cost of ownership for you. Apart from Volkswagen and Audi servicing, Project Audi also conducts MOT services, maintenance and electrical work. For more details about professional Audi Servicing, contact Project Audi.

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