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Audi Specialist in AughtonAn Audi specialist in Aughton understands that excellent German engineering needs to be maintained. Project Audi doesn’t only work on Audi’s but on Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda as well as other car models and makes. They provide a useful service to clients, alerting them to when their car needs a service. There’s no need to go to the main dealer either, as this can be far too expensive. Project Audi offers quality, genuine or alternative parts even when your car is within its warranty period. Audi owners would prefer to avoid the main dealers that are so expensive. As Audi servicing specialists, you’ll find that Project Audi’s fault finding and diagnosis service is outstanding as they use the latest diagnostics equipment. This includes the VAS 5052, the official VW & Audi system.

For German car owners in Aughton, Audi specialists such as Project Audi keep a stock of different parts to conduct their services efficiently. They can also source parts quickly should there be the need. They do whatever it takes to ensure their Audi owners get their cars back quickly. The VAS system that Project Audi uses is connected to VW Audi in Germany. This means that they have access to a huge technical resource library. They also use Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostics computers so that they are able to solve the most complicated problems.

An Audi specialist in Aughton can do anything the main dealer does, and their workmanship won’t affect the manufacturers’ warranty. They’re able to carry out annual servicing, repairs and cam belt changes and your warranty and service history is maintained. Contact Project Audi today if you are looking for an Audi specialist to work on your car. For your added convenience, you could fill in their online booking form for your Audi’s MOT, repairs or service.

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