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Audi Specialist in MellingIf you drive an Audi, you want an Audi specialist in Melling for service and repairs. All cars are not the same, especially when it comes to high performance German engineered cars. Your mechanic may be versatile enough to diagnose and service any car but that skill set that is adaptable to all cars is not specialised for any car and certainly not an Audi. At Project Audi we specialise in Audi and VW products and have done so for many years. During those years we’ve established ourselves as premier independent Audi specialists equipped with expertise in Audi cars and that which sets them apart. Our ongoing training keeps us updated with the latest innovations by Audi manufacturer, equipment and tools; everything that is specific to Audi.

At Project Audi, our cutting edge diagnostic equipment such as the VAS 5052 is specific to Audi/Volkswagen. In Melling, Audi specialist troubleshooting system shortens the time needed to diagnose the problem. Our technicians depend on their experience and knowledge to isolate and repair the problem. However, this same diagnostic system can access and connect to Audi manufacturing in Germany giving our technicians here at home the benefit of all their technical library resources. We can quickly locate any diagram or code source. The mechanics and technology of an Audi will define the car as an Audi. Our techs are seeing one variation or another of what can only be an Audi daily for years.

Our Audi specialists in Melling at Project Audi are continually building on their base of expertise. As our expertise increases with each model and year so does our respect for this finely engineered automobile. There is only one other place that might come close to matching our Audi equipment and capabilities; that would be your Audi dealer. Project Audi is an independent garage so we don’t have a captive clientele. Contact Project Audi or come by and let us explain what sets us apart from your dealer; like friendly customer service and honesty. We think you will be especially interested in the up to 40% savings we can offer you over dealer costs for the exact same parts and service.

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