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Audi Specialist in KnowsleyProject Audi is proud to be the Audi specialist in Knowsley to whom Audi car owners refer their friends and family. Some have been our customers for over 20 years citing our reliability and honesty. Others are grateful that we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Some are sold on our ability to troubleshoot quickly and find their car problem. All of them express their satisfaction with value for money they receive from us. We think our customers are the best and we like to show our appreciation by offering the finest customer service and reasonable prices. As Audi specialists; we share a common interest with our customers;  their Audi.

We operate our service and repair garage on the belief that Audi owners want a one stop local garage to care for their car. We don’t send you to a specialist in Air conditioning or diesel engines because in Knowsley, Audi specialists are under one roof at Project Audi. Our diagnostic equipment is always up to date so we can zero in on the problem quickly and make the needed repair. Speaking of repairs, we cultivate good rapport with parts suppliers so we can get the best deal on aftermarket parts and manufacturer parts. We are an independent garage but we can still perform maintenance without violating your warranty. We keep a good stock of commonly needed manufacturer parts on hand for a quick turnaround on repairs. We do the same for aftermarket parts for those who want to save even more money.

Being an Audi Specialist in Knowsley does not prevent our expertise with other car makes. It means we are Audi trained and certified at, or in our case, dealer level with cutting edge diagnostic equipment and software. We can update your car software directly from the manufacturer. Contact us when you need a neighbourhood Audi specialist to rely on for maintaining your Audi. Age, make and model do not matter. Our experience and reputation is your guarantee of superior service at sensible prices. Don’t put off your yearly MOT if your Audi is over 3 years old. Bring it to us and you could also schedule regular maintenance at the same time.

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