Audi Parts in St Helens

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Audi Parts in St HelensYou need to know where to get genuine Audi Parts in St Helens if you drive an Audi. When you have your annual diagnostic testing done, you want to make sure that the repair shop has expertise in repairing Audi’s as well as the proper parts so that you can maintain the high performance that Audi is known for. There are technical resources and codes that are specific to the car, so make sure the mechanic shop you chose has access to the VW Audi resource library.

In St Helens, Audi parts are available through Project Audi. Project Audi keeps a stock of all important parts required for maintenance on both VW’s and Audi automobiles. They are Audi servicing specialists with specific diagnostic equipment for determining the condition of your auto. Their VAS system is connected to VW Audi in Germany. This gives them access to all resources codes and information necessary for proper diagnosis and repair of the Audi automobile. They also use Bosch and VAGCOM diagnostics. Their services are top-of-the-line yet they are less than half the cost of taking your car to the main dealer for servicing. They offer great value for the money. This can make owning and operating your Audi a lot less expensive. Call Project Audi and schedule a time to bring your Audi in. They will give you the costs on how much your repairs will be, along with sending you reminders when checks are necessary. The quote they give you for your repairs is the price you will pay. There are no unexpected extras.

Audi parts in St Helens from Project Audi are guaranteed genuine parts. They will service your Audi using the main dealer service schedules. If your car is out of warranty you have the option to choose servicing with genuine parts or with alternative parts. If you are able to use alternative parts you will save considerably on costs. They pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. If you are looking for Audi parts, contact Project Audi.

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