Looking for a Reliable Audi Garage in St Helens?

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Audi Garage in St HelensOwning a luxury car such as an Audi requires specialised care and maintenance, that only an Audi Garage in St Helens can provide. Going to a specialist garage ensures that your vehicle is in the right hands. Unlike car dealerships, an Audi garage will charge you market competitive rates, so you never have to worry about going over budget. In addition, choosing a brand specific garage means the mechanics there are familiar with Audi parts and how the vehicle operates. While making the necessary repairs, the mechanic will have that specialised knowledge which may be lacking in a local garage. You also no longer have to worry about voiding your warranty by going to an Audi garage. Where can you find such a garage?

In St Helens, Audi garage that are specialists when it comes to providing services is Project Audi. They use the latest diagnostics tools and equipment to find faults in the Volkswagen and Audi group range. To be specific, Project Audi utilises the VAS 5052 which is an Audi and VW system that assists mechanics in troubleshooting problems. Project Audi’s VAS system is linked to VW Audi located in Germany. This gives the mechanics access to a large technical resource library that includes everything from key codes to diagrams. The team also uses the VAGCOM and Bosch diagnostic computers to assure that even the most difficult and hard to solve faults are deciphered.

If your VW or Audi is experiencing any issues or simply requires maintenance, head an Audi Garage in St Helens, head to Project Audi. Project Audi proudly stocks a wide range of necessary parts to effectively carry out general maintenance and repair services on your Audi. If a part is not there, we will surely get it for you on the same day. Understandably, cost is a major concern these days. At Project Audi we can guarantee that our costs are less than half of what you would pay at a dealership. If you need more information about a first-rate Audi garage, contact Project Audi.

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