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Seat specialist in AughtonA Seat specialist in Aughton keeps these amazing Spanish vehicles in tip top condition. This popular brand is found in more than 40 countries and you’ll find a host of these Seat cars and models. There are still people in Aughton who drive the Seat Ibiza, a supermini car manufactured by the Spanish automaker decades ago and which is regarded as one of Seat’s best-selling cars. At Project Audi, we give our expert attention to all Seat cars, Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi. When you bring your car in to our excellent garage, you’re immediately aware of a sense of professionalism. We keep each of our customers right up to date on what your repair costs or servicing costs will be before we commence with work on your car. There are never any unpleasant surprises waiting for you that put you in an awkward position. The best part is that we can also offer you cheaper, quality parts for your Seat than what the main dealer can offer.

At Project Audi, because we’re a reputable garage, customers return to us because of the high levels of service we provide. In Aughton, a Seat specialist like us offers the full range of vehicle service options. We make use of the latest diagnostics equipment and with our vast knowledge on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, we simply ensure satisfied customers every time. We’re able to do everything and more that what the main dealer does, and for less. An important fact is that our working on your car doesn’t affect your manufacturer’s warranty. We’re able to work on your car while maintaining your warranty and service history.

Everybody is looking for a Seat specialist in Aughton who can save them money. It is why our customers look for excellent alternatives like us and not the costly main dealers. If you need the professional services of a Seat specialist for your car, contact Project Audi. We’re here for you, just like we’re here for our many other satisfied customers.

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