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Seat Specialist in OrmskirkProject Audi is your Seat specialist in Ormskirk for service, maintenance and repair. We specialise in all Audi/VW manufactured vehicles which includes Seat and Skoda. Each comes with it’s own individual thrill but all require regular service and maintenance as well as occasional repair. If, in the past, you have always depended on your dealer for automotive services, consider what we have to offer you at Project Audi. Our technicians are all VW/Audi certified and experienced . Our garage is well equipped with the latest technology, tools and diagnostic equipment. If your car is still under warranty, we will honour that warranty. We use only genuine Seat parts for replacement and repair. Our spacious facility is fully RAC approve.

So far, it appears our services mirror those of your dealer but there are some impressive differences we think you will appreciate. In Ormskirk, Seat specialist Project Audi operates independently. For that reason, we are able to save our customers up to 40% less than dealer cost. That is for the same quality and experience found at your dealer. Project Audi has built an enviable reputation for excellent quality and service along with conscientious customer service that’s friendly. Our prices are clear from the start and what we quote to you includes all services and fees. There are no surprises when you arrive to collect your car. You will find no previously undisclosed fees or taxes.

Project Audi, Seat specialist in Ormskirk, is open seven days a week as a convenience to our customers. Dropping off and retrieving your car can’t always be done during regular business hours. We hope our extended hours will make car maintenance a little easier on your schedule. Contact Project Audi and schedule service for your Seat. You’ll receive excellent and friendly customer service at greatly reduced prices and free advice and Seat information anytime. If your Seat is running rough, our diagnostics along with our technician’s expertise will pinpoint the problem quickly so we can efficiently get your car back to peak performance again. Mechanical, electrical, air-conditioning and your annual MOT for your Seat can all be handled right here in our garage.

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