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Skoda Specialist in FormbyWith your Skoda specialist in Formby, you can have some financial relief when servicing and maintaining a car these days as it gets very pricey very quickly. Having a car that will not co-operate is incredibly frustrating to say the least, however having a garage or mechanic that you cannot trust can be a thousand times worse. Knowing that you are taking your car to a reliable garage and knowing they will treat you and your car well, is something money cannot buy. Offering great value for money, as well as great customer care is what Project Audi do.

In Formby, Skoda specialist Project Audi have all the same equipment that you will find at a dealer garage including diagnostic equipment connected to VW and Audi in Germany, giving them access to more than just diagnostics. They have full access to wiring diagrams, key codes and upgrades to your computer box should you need it. They are able to service your car with dealer parts, maintaining your service record, while saving you from paying dealer prices, or if your car is out of warranty, you have the option between genuine dealer parts and alternative parts, again saving you further.

Project Audi, Skoda specialists in Formby have a price promise. Whatever your service and repair quote is, you will pay. There will be no added fees or charges and if you do need more work or additional spares, they promise to contact you before undertaking any additional work that may cost you more. They are proud of their high levels of customer satisfaction and have customer testimonials on their website for you to see. Boasting with clients returning for many years, you can be sure they keep their clients happy. To make things more convenient for you, you can book your car in for a service, diagnostic or repairs via their website. For Skoda specialist call Project Audi.

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