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Skoda Specialist in LiverpoolBy hiring a Skoda specialist in Liverpool, you’re investing in a first-class car maintenance and servicing for your vehicle. At Project Audi, we have a reputation for providing high quality services to top of the line vehicles like Skoda, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi. Our team has received specialty technical training in these vehicles which you’re unlikely to find in a regular garage. In addition, if you need to you use garage services you don’t have to visit your main dealership. You’ll end up paying more for the same services that we provide at nearly half the cost! In fact, we are the leading alternative to visiting your main dealership. Our services will not only help you save money but time as well; all without compromising our workmanship.

For high-end vehicle owners in Liverpool, Skoda specialist is just around the corner for your convenience. We are an independent garage that specialises in high-end vehicles. We use diagnostic tools and equipment that are unique to your Skoda, Audi, BMW, VW and any other high performance vehicle. To be able to use these specialty tools or know anything about your Skoda, our staff has received intensive training and experience. If during a maintenance or service call we realise your vehicle needs a parts replacement, we will provide you with a genuine replacement part. In some instances, genuine parts may not be available. In such cases, we will provide high quality alternative spares. Although we are a high-end vehicle garage, we do have your interests in mind. We only charge you for the services we provide. There are no hidden fees, franchisee obligations or royalties. Most importantly, what we quote you is what we charge. We never make any repairs or replacements without notifying you first.

Entrust your luxury vehicle with a Skoda specialist in Liverpool. To find out more about how our Skoda specialist can assist you, contact Project Audi. We have a complete RAC approved centre with specialty diagnostic tools to repair and revive your vehicle. Our prices are pocket friendly and our customer service is excellent.

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