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Skoda Specialist in KnowsleySkoda specialist in Knowsley is our garage, Project Audi.  We are well known for the best service and repair of Audi and VW products.  We are increasingly one of the premier garages for Skoda as well. We can save you up to 40% on the price of a service compared to the same work at a dealership. We only use genuine parts and we quote on our work beforehand so that you know exactly what the service will cost. We can service your Skoda from new as we can legitimately validate the manufacturer’s warranty throughout the guarantee period.  Our diagnostic machine can establish which service is needed and will report any small faults.  These can be quickly rectified and the service light reset.

When your car needs attention in Knowsley, Skoda specialists will ensure it has the same treatment that the manufacturer would provide. We pride ourselves in having a full RAC approved facility.  Our tools and machinery are specific to the vehicles we repair and service.  Our outstanding reputation has been earned by years of dedication to customer service and quality care of the vehicles we care for.  Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will take note of any problems you may be having with your vehicle.  We are trusted and respected by all our customers as being honest and thorough in all our work.

Skoda specialist in Knowsley will take good care of your vehicle.  Contact Project Audi today and book your vehicle in for a service.  We specialise in Audi and Volkswagen vehicles and as Skoda is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group we have all the necessary expertise to service and repair them.  The Volkswagen group also has a number of other vehicles like the Seat as well as Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche.  The Skoda was originally a Czech manufactured vehicle but was gradually privatised and in 2000 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen. This accounts for the quality product that we know today.

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