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Skoda Specialist in LydiateProject Audi, Skoda specialist in Lydiate, welcomes Skoda owners to our service garage. Technicians specialising in all makes and models under the VW umbrella will undertake the full servicing of your Skoda according to manufacturer recommendations, including MOT testing. Diagnostics and mechanical repairs can be professionally completed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t worry, it won’t void your warranty. You may wonder why you would bring your car to us at Project Audi instead of your dealer. Quite simply, you will realise a significant savings in cost compared to your dealer. You see, Project Audi is an independently owned garage so we can do the same work as your dealer at a lower cost. We do not have to pay out the large sums to be represented under the Skoda-VW-Audi umbrella.

In Lydiate, Skoda specialist Project Audi provides the same quality of service as your dealer even though we can and do charge less. Our mechanics are Audi/VW certified and the repair parts are manufacturer recommended. You will find we are friendly and pay attention to customer service. We are also accommodating in that we are open seven days a week. You can expect to pay exactly what we quote you. We will never make a repair or replace a part without your agreement. We stock most parts so you get a faster turnaround time.

When you need a Skoda specialist in Lydiate don’t pay more than you need to. The cost of living is high enough. If you have been putting off getting your Skoda serviced because of the high cost, bring it to Project Audi. Our costs are up to 40% less than your dealer will charge for exactly the same service. Since new car prices continue to increase, car owners are keeping their cars longer. It is not unusual to see odometers reading 200,000 miles. Car owners used to brag about their new cars. Now they brag about how many miles they’ve gotten out of their old one.  Regular car maintenance at Project Audi will keep your car in top running condition at a price that is affordable. For a Skoda specialist, contact Project Audi.

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