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Great service, literally 😁

- Mark Winsor


Took my rs5 for a service, great price and great customer service. Will definitely use these again.

- Tom


Had my A6 serviced and new brake pads fitted all round ,half the price of main dealer,I would highly recommend this company, I will be using them again definitely 👌👍

- Tony


Amazing experience with my q7. Fixed a complex problem other AUDI garages couldn’t. Highly recommend

- Steve Bosworth


My VW Passat had a Throttle Body and Engine Management fault that was very difficult to diagnose. Project Audi advised me of the possible causes and costs to rectify. Ultimately they identified the cause of the problem and rectified it within a few hours without the need for expensive parts. I had the car returned to me the same day. Great value for money and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

- William


Highly recommend this garage, customer service, information, guidance and price are all excellent backed up with a team of skilled professionals. I took in my 2006 Audi TT for an MOT and the remedial work, great price and workmanship.

- Christopher Warren

VW Parts in Widnes, Top Quality at Affordable Prices, When You Need it

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VW parts in WidnesCount on us for the VW parts in Widnes that you need. We specialise in Audi and VW. Since we offer first class service, we stock the most commonly requested parts so there are no delays for repairs. Other parts we may have but if not we can usually get them the same day. Maybe you have, in the past, had the experience of dropping your car off at a garage for service as scheduled. Three hours later you get a call from them and you’re thinking your car is ready. But no, it’s not because it needs a part and the garage doesn’t have it; they have to order it.  They promise they can get it right away. Three hours later you call them to check progress. It takes a second for them to figure out who you are and then tell you they haven’t received a call back about that part.

The garage has had your car for six hours and you know nothing is going to happen today. For our customers in Widnes, VW parts are not that elusive. We are professional and absolutely customer oriented. We take care of your VW but we also respect your time. We keep you informed of progress because we know you depend on your car. Have you ever asked a garage about a funny noise and had them tell you their diagnostics show nothing is wrong? Three days later, when you’re 200 miles from home your dash light comes on. You call them and their response is to bring the car in and they can turn that dash light off for you.

We have VW parts in Widnes and we also have VW diagnostic equipment with service that is specific to the Volkswagen & Audi range. Our system gives us direct access to all the resources available from the German manufacturer. We will find what’s making that noise and stop it; not turn off the warning light. This comprehensive access allows us to secure your key codes if you lose them. We can also access the wiring diagrams that match your exact VW model. That saves a lot of time fishing around tracing wires. Our technicians are all VAR trained and certified with years of experience. Contact Project Audi and schedule your VW in for service, repairs or diagnostics. You can count on professional and specialised service and conscientious customer service. We’re independent so expect to save some money over dealer costs.

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