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VW Parts in Skelmersdale VW’s success around the world is remarkable, and VW parts in Skelmerdale ensures that the passionate connection people have for their VW cars is maintained.  Using genuine Volkswagen parts is an important way to maintain your VW vehicle. At Project Audi, when you want VW parts, you can rely on us to tell you beforehand exactly how much your Volkswagen repair is going to cost. What our customers really appreciate is that we’re able to offer quality spare parts as well as servicing for your VW which is far cheaper than the main dealer. When you receive your bill you won’t find any unexpected extras that have been added on. We always keep you in the picture about what is happening with your VW.

We aim to provide a consistently excellent service. In Skelmersdale, VW parts are always genuine when your car is still under warranty. If your vehicle is out of its warranty, you can choose whether you want to have it serviced with genuine or alternative parts which will cost you a lot less. We are an independent garage and we will service your vehicle with genuine parts. We use the latest diagnostics equipment and this includes the VAS 5052 which is the official VW system. This helps us to find all problems accurately with your VW. The system is connected to VW Audi in Germany and this allows us access to their technical resource library.

VW parts in Skelmersdale are readily available. Our customers are always relieved to know they can get affordable parts and services from such experienced VW technicians without having to go to the main dealer. Our hourly rates are far less than the main dealer and we can do absolutely anything that the main dealer does. Contact Project Audi if you are looking for VW parts. We’ve got excellent facilities, excellent staff, and excellent experience and we’re here to ensure your VW gets back on the road in next to no time at all.

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