VW Repairs in Crosby

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VW Repairs in CrosbyVW repairs in Crosby is an area Project Audi specialises in. We are an independent garage equipped with cutting edge diagnostics and staffed with VW and Audi certified technicians. When we make repairs or replace parts we use manufacturer approved VW parts. Bring in your new VW to us without voiding your manufacturer or dealer warranty. You may wonder if all that is true, why not just go to the actual dealer from whom you bought your new VW. The answer is forty percent. Because Project Audi is an independent garage, we can save you up to forty percent of what the dealer will charge. You get the same expertise, parts and first rate technicians that you would get at your dealer at a significant cost reduction.

In Crosby, VW repairs are assumed to be professional only from the dealer. That is a myth. Project Audi has a great deal of experience and they have built a reputation within the community and the automotive industry for excellence. We are just as invested in our technicians and equipment, if not more so, than the dealer. Actually, we may have more diagnostic equipment than your dealer. You may experience a few other perks when you bring your VW to Project Audi besides saving money. We have a relaxed and friendly shop. Advice is always free. When you make an appointment to bring your car in, we work on it the same day.

VW repairs in Crosby are carried out according to manufacturer recommendations at Project Audi. The price we quote you for the repair will be itemised as to materials and labour hours. That is the price you will pay with no hidden fees or add-ons. If your car is out of warranty, you have the option to save even more money by choosing top quality after-market parts. You will find it convenient to bring your VW to us for regular service checks as well as your yearly MOT. Your dealer may not be open early evenings and weekends. Since most of our customers have day jobs, Project Audi is open seven days a week. If you would like to know more about VW repairs, contact Project Audi.

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