VW Repairs in Formby

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VW Repairs in FormbyWe are proud of our reputation at Project Audi as a trusted garage for VW repairs in Formby. We are an independent garage with an excellent network of trusted suppliers in the motor trade. That means we can repair your VW under warranty with genuine parts according to manufacturer’s service schedule, just like your dealer. The difference is we can do it for about half the labour cost as your dealer. If your car is no longer under warranty and you want to save more money choose alternative or aftermarket parts. We offer a comprehensive range of services and options for all VW vehicles. Our customers love us because we get it right the first time and we save them money.

We are VW specialists that give you the truth up front about pricing. In Formby, VW repairs at Project Audi do not come with surprises extras. The price we quote is the price we charge. No additional work is done without your approval. We usually have all needed repairs covered with the first quote. Our VW mechanics are Audi/VW certified mechanics with experience and ongoing training. They are a dedicated group with all the right equipment. For instance, we have diagnostic equipment that includes the VAS 5052. That might not mean much to you until we tell you how it works. The VAS 5052 is connected to the manufacturer in Germany so we have access to their whole technical library which includes everything there is to know about a VW car.

When you bring your VW to Project Audi for VW repairs in Formby we are conscientious about your time. If you need servicing or repairs on your VW bring it to us for fast service. Contact Project Audi for your VW repairs. You don’t want to be without your car longer than necessary. Our technicians have the finest up to date diagnostic equipment. Combine that with our experienced technicians and we are quick to solve even the most elusive problems. We keep a stock of parts that are most commonly needed for servicing so there is no delay waiting for parts. Even when we have to order a part for maintenance or repair, we usually get same day delivery. We have Saturday and Sunday hours for your convenience.

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