VW Repairs in Lydiate

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VW Repairs in LydiateThe problem with VW Repairs in Lydiate is they don’t occur very often. At Project Audi, we specialise in the service and repair of Audi and VW vehicles so we know what to look for when your VW starts giving you problems. Our VW qualified technicians back up their knowledge and experience with sophisticated diagnostic equipment. We cover all repairs including mechanical repairs, electrical issues, sensor and fault diagnosis and more. Our regular maintenance servicing will extend the trouble free years of your VW. This is where you want to get your annual MOT done along with your other servicing needs. Project Audi is an approved Royal Auto Club (RAC) repair facility. We have a reputation for outstanding quality work and customer service and we work every day to earn our customers confidence.

Project Audi works to a high standard so there are some things you can count on when you bring your VW to us. In Lydiate, VW repairs true cost will be the price we quote you up front. It will include everything so there are no surprise add on costs when you pick your VW up from us. Another thing you can count on is genuine VW parts. If someone quotes you a lower price than Project Audi, ask them if they plan on using manufacturer parts or some off-brand aftermarket parts. In fact we follow all VW manufacturing guidelines to give you top quality and to protect your warranty.

Maybe your dealer can make the same promises. However, your dealer has overhead that our independent garage does not. That’s why they can’t charge you 40% less like we can for the same or better service. One more thing; we are open seven days a week and our advice is free. Not every garage will answer a question for you in person or over the phone. They won’t take the time. They will tell you to bring the car in. We think that is rude. For MOT service, warranty service, preventative maintenance and repairs, bring your VW to us at Project Audi. Contact Project Audi for an appointment for VW repairs. You can also book your appointment online. We want to make our services as customer friendly as possible.

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