VW Repairs in Maghull

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VW repairs in MaghullWhenever you need VW repairs in Maghull, bring your car over to Project Audi. Volkswagen was founded in 1937 Germany, and it is currently the largest automaker in the world by sales. The word itself mean’s “people’s car” and it derives from the company’s origin. In the early 30’s, the auto market in Germany was comprised mostly of luxury models, and the average German citizen could not afford a vehicle of their own. In fact, only 1 in 50 Germans owned a car. This was a wide open market, which lead to the creation of several projects similar to Volkswagen, including Mercedes, Adler, Steyr and Hanomag among others.

For car owners in Maghull, VW repairs help keep the people’s car rolling. We here at Project Audi provide car service and repairs for a variety of makes and models including VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat. Our principle is high quality and low price, and we strive to maintain the trust we build with our customers. Whenever we repair a vehicle, and we uncover extra damage, we will contact you and let you know about the extra costs involved for parts and labour. We’re also constantly trying to offer you high quality cheap spare parts and the servicing of a main dealer.

Give us a call if you need VW repairs in Maghull. We will offer you an initial quote, and unless something unexpected pops up during the servicing, we will always respect that quote. The extras will always be optional, and we will not undertake any further work without contacting you. In terms of spare parts, we can use low cost alternatives, high quality alternatives, or original parts, and all of our servicing is main dealer quality, without main dealer prices. With that being said, we place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. This ensures that our name gets thrown around a lot and that we get numerous repeat customers. For more information about how we can help you with VW repairs, contact Project Audi. We look forward to servicing your car.

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