VW Servicing in Prescot

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VW servicing in Prescot.   Project Audi is an RAC approved service centre that specialises in VW servicing in Prescot The modern automobile is a technological wonder and very expensive to buy and maintain. Back in the 1950’s consumers spent less the one-half of one per-cent annually of gross income on an automobile. Today, it’s upwards of 10%. It stands to reason that many car owners would want only specialists maintaining and making repairs on their car. You don’t hire a handyman to roof your home, upgrade your electrical system or build an extension to your house. You want a specialist to perform those services and it’s no different for auto repairs and service.

The guy next door may be able to take your engine apart and put it back together in three hours but that does not make him a VW specialists. Therefore, in Prescot, VW servicing is often left to the dealer by those who care about their car. After all, the dealer mechanics know all about VW’s. Once out of warranty, the cost can be excessive for parts, labour and maintenance service at the dealer. There is a better option; our independent VW specialists at Project Audi. We have the same highly specialised technicians, sophisticated and latest diagnostic equipment, follow manufacturer’s recommendations for service, parts and labour and guarantee our work.

The difference between VW servicing in Prescot at your dealer and our Project Audi VW specialists is up to 40%. We do everything the same and use the same parts and equipment but we charge up to 40% less for the exact same service. Contact Project Audi and we can show you the price comparisons and how we can charge less. You’ll see for yourself how much you can save. We like to think we’re a friendlier garage with time to discuss questions you have about your car and its performance. Your convenience is a big part of our customer service standards which is why we are open seven days a week. It’s your money and your VW. We think you’ll agree Project Audi is the sensible choice for specialised VW service for less than dealer costs.

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