VW Servicing in St Helens

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VW Servicing in St HelensBring your car to us at Project Audi for VW servicing in St Helens and receive better than dealer service and prices. Since our speciality includes VW, that is where we invest our training, continuing education, specialised equipment and parts. We are a fully equipped VW servicing unit dedicated to our customers. You give up nothing but high prices by choosing our garage over dealer services from the time you buy your Volkswagen. We honour your warranty, stock manufacturer authentic parts and have a garage fitted with VW specialised diagnostic equipment. We stay current with VW trends and innovations but we have a long history of VW service; so bring us your VW from any year or model and we promise the best customer service you’ll find anywhere.

At Project Audi we believe it is easy to give up high dealer prices for comparable service. In St Helens, VW servicing to our customers satisfaction is our goal along with honest dealings. We’re not cutting any corners or tacking on costs to your service bill. The price we quote you is the price you pay. As we get into a repair, we may find an additional problem we couldn’t foresee. If that happens we will call you before we make the repair and explain the why and how of the service and your options. We will inform you of the amount of additional cost. Only after receiving your confirmation to proceed will we begin the work on your car. We simply do not have the audacity to present you with a higher price than quoted along with the lame explanation being we ran into trouble once we got inside.

We strive to meet your expectations regarding VW servicing in St Helens at Project Audi. You are entitled to specialised VW service that meets manufacturer standards, professional customer service and low prices based on our low overhead costs. Contact Project Audi and we will give you a cost estimate on any service and you can then compare it to your dealer costs. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. The price your dealer quotes may not include taxes, recycling fees and other surprise charges you were not aware of.

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