VW Servicing in St Helens

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VW Servicing in St HelensVW servicing in St Helens at our garage is cost effective and efficient. When you bring your vehicle in for a service you can save up to 40 % of the price a dealership would charge. Once we have checked the vehicle we will offer you a quotation and that is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges. We take pride in our honest and trustworthy reputation. We use only the genuine parts supplied by Audi and VW as we believe in nothing but the best is good enough for your Audi or VW. We have full RAC approved repairs and facilities and we also do MOT testing. All our technicians are Audi and VW qualified and some have over 25 years of experience working on these vehicles.

When your new German manufactured car needs attention in St Helens, VW servicing by experts is the safest way of ensuring your warranty stays valid. We have the latest vehicle diagnostics machines especially for Audi and VW and if necessary we have access to the extensive technical data at the VW and Audi factories. We can order any unusual spares we may not stock from the factory and have them with us within a day. We can also offer electrical work on Audi and VW and can repair or recharge the air conditioners. We provide all the necessary repairs and service for all makes and models of VW and Audi. This includes the older models that do not have electronics.

VW servicing in St Helens is just around the corner. Contact Project Audi today to book your VW in for a service. We specialise in VW and Audi vehicles and our tooling and machinery is set up for these elite German cars. Once you have owned a precision German manufactured car very little else will satisfy you. We understand as we work with these magnificent vehicles all day and take pride in service and repair to the manufacturers’ standards.

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