VW Specialist in Crosby for Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

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VW Specialist in Crosby A VW specialist in Crosby knows the inner workings of VW vehicles. If your VW needs attention, bring it to our garage. We are fully equipped to provide maintenance, repairs and servicing to all models of VW vehicles. Our specialist technicians have many years of experience, and because of their expertise and skill, can diagnose and repair any problems with your VW.

We are pleased to offer a complete range of garage services that are perfectly tailored to VW owners who are looking for an alternative to the higher-priced Volkswagen main dealers. In Crosby, a VW specialist can ensure that you save up to 40 % on main dealer prices. On top of that, we offer a price promise – the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. You won’t receive a nasty surprise when you receive your invoice – there are no hidden charges. As we are an independent garage, we can service your VW without invalidating its warranty. We use genuine VW parts when needed, and we follow the manufacturer’s service schedule. If your VW is out of warranty, you can consider the choice of servicing with genuine or with alternative parts. The benefit of using alternative parts is that you will save considerable costs on main dealer prices.

A VW specialist in Crosby will tell you exactly how much your VW car service and repair is going to cost. We will also be sure to contact you and tell you when your car needs extra repairs and parts, and what they are likely to cost. When you need a VW specialist to service or repair your car, contact Project Audi. As we offer quality, cheaper spare parts and servicing than a main dealer, you can rest assured that you will receive value for money. We take great pride in the high levels of customer service that we provide all our clients.  As a result, much of our work is from recommendations from satisfied clients, or from repeat clients. We can do anything at ta main dealer can do and our workmanship does not affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

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